About scope of company

Our key interests include:

The technologies we're using are PCI-Express, DMA, CUDA and others.

Our development team has an experience in the development of audio stream application. In our solutions we use the UDP connections. Our solutions have multistream multichannel archictecture to reduce the possibility of interruptions during playback. In this brunch the key programming language is C++.

There is an experience in hardware design and software development for multigigabit data transmission. There was developed the FPGA-based boards, which helps ADC-board to perform data acquisition. Such technologies as PCI-Express over wire and software signal analysis tools are used. Our key programming languages are C, C++ and Verilog HDL. Driver development and signal analysis software development is our familiar tasks.

One of the usual tasks is object recognition using template and an image, where the shape should be found. Also some image filtering algorithms were implemented during the work. Some algorithms were paralleled and speeded up using CUDA technology.

One of the most important brunches of our activity is development of software to control high speed cameras, implemented some interfaces and controlling algorithms. Some processing of raw-images also were made during receiveing data from cameras such as Fixed Pattern Noise Correction (FPN, PRNU).

We have an experience in PCB routing. Our key competence is high speed PCBs, so such technoques as power distribution analysis, temperature distribution analysis are very important in our usual work. Some of the boards have many revisions and gradually improvements allow to reach perfect quality of design.

PCB of our production based on different materials FR4, FR4 High Tg, Rogers laminate. First two materials was used during production in China and Taiwan, and last one in the USA.

Also for some special applications we work in conjunction with www.teplodanko.ru. It helps to maintain difficult project too quickly.


Stream-control LLC, 20 Ingenernaya str., Novosibirsk, Russia, Phone: +07 9232272237